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Financial Due Diligence

We provide financial due diligence to private equity firms and corporate buyers to evaluate, plan and manage financial transactions such as acquisitions, debt financing or strategic alliances.

We identify potential issues that require re-negotiation, often affecting the terms in purchase agreement and deal structuring. We perform in-depth analyze on target's business drivers, quality of earnings, quality of assets and major deal issues.

We will keep you fully informed during the process and work closely with your team, making the process as transparent and effective as possible for you.

Our financial due diligence experience included in the following industries:

·         Real Estate Development

·         Property Management

·         Water Treatment

·         Logistic warehousing

·         Food Processing

·         Hospitality

·         Foods Processing

·         Pharmaceutical and Medical

·         Heat Generating Facilities

·         Vehicle Suspensions

·         Paper Mills

·         Luxury Goods

·         Cement Manufacturer

·         Coal mining

·         Graphite Manufacturer

·         Chemical Fertilizer

·         Lithium ion Battery

·         Publication and Distributions