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Strategic Advisory

In short, the objective of formulating a business strategy is to enhance a business’s competitive advantages over its competitors.  Whether a business strategy is successfully designed, built, implemented and maintained is ultimately measured by the value (or growth) it creates.  Our expertise in valuation enables us to formulate strategies (by working with clients) that can be quantified and evaluated on a timely basis.  

We are committed to provide strategic advice that is relevant as well as practical.  Very often, advice of this sort is of aggregated and average view.  We believe advice that generalises issues and solutions does not help management to effectively identify growth opportunities and implement value creation strategies. 


We have extensive experience and capability in providing sophisticated strategic and applied corporate finance advisory services as specified (not the least) below:


n             Market positioning and competitiveness analysis


n             Regulatory pricing and cost determination


n             Business strategy, model and structure formulation


n             Business case viability assessment


n             Scenario analysis and planning


n             Cost of capital analysis


n             Capital structure policy analysis


n             Dividend policy analysis


n             Capital expenditure and investment pre-assessment


n             Cost efficacy study


n             Asset portfolio optimisation analysis and management


n             Working capital and cash flow management advice


n             Business plan and forecasts preparation


n             Information memorandum preparation