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Merger & Acquisition, Divestment

We have extensive experience in managing cross-border acquisitions involving large MNCs.  In addition to providing deal matching and project management services, we focus on identifying the subject target’s value drivers and its future growth opportunities.  This enables our clients to determine an appropriate price range that takes into account the target’s true investment value from both vendor and buyer’s perspectives.  During price negotiation, we assist our client to explain bases of asking/offer price determination using structured augmentation and scientific evidence. 


We are confident that our all-rounded competencies will help our clients to optimise the transaction value while managing the process efficiently. 

Our service offerings include:


Buy Side Advisory


n             Purchase price determination

n             Industry overview and outlook research

n             Target search and pursuant

n             Synergy and strategic fit analysis

n             Merger structuring advice

n             Project management

n             Post merger/acquisition integration advice

Sell Side Advisory


n             Sell price determination

n             Buyer search and pursuant

n             Pre-sale structuring advice

n             Business case presentation and information pack advice

n             Project management