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Other Advisory

n             Performed business model analysis and business plan preparation for a venture capital in relation to its investment in a hospital information application provider in China

n             Performed financial and strategic analysis of plant expansion options of a global leading LCD panel manufacturer based in Taiwan.  It involved assessment of the Company’s strategic/competitive positioning and trend development of product demand

n             Participated in a complex 51% acquisition of a partially state-owned pharmaceutical company in Vietnam, which is the market leader in the production and selling of standard solutions, by a leading pharmaceutical MNC.  Activities involved include purchase price and value creation assessment, negotiation, contract and payout term review, financial due diligence and integration

n             Carried out a detailed financial review of the pricing model developed for the national telecommunications network leasing arrangement in NZ.  This involved developing models which reflected the relationship among the key cost and benefit drivers which affected the service offering

n             Defined the key strategic and organizational issues for a joint venture in Saudi Arabia of a leading oil MNC, and developed a comprehensive business plan for streamlining its operations and improving business effectiveness

n             Developed the financial model related to Employee Share Option Plans (“ESOP”).  The model allowed management to evaluate the impact of ESOP on overall profitability under various scenarios and ESOP structures

n             Determined cost of capital for individual business units of the largest seaport company in NZ for internal pricing/charging in order to achieve fair evaluation and increased efficiency among the business units

n             Analyzed and designed a cost allocation method for NZ largest airport to identify aeronautical costs (from total costs) which was required for negotiation on airplane landing fee between the Airport and airliners

n             Reviewed the business strategy of the investment management operations of a leading bank in Saudi Arabia and, advised on structuring the bank’s private banking business