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VAL Consulting is a boutique valuation and corporate finance advisory firm, providing value-add services to companies, institutions, government agencies and investors.

Each business is unique and, has different challenges and opportunities.  We therefore do not generalise business issues and solutions.  We focus on identifying real business issues based on scientific analysis.  We then construct relevant and structured solutions that are independent, informed, innovative, effective and practical. 








We advise diverse client organisations range from small-to-medium enterprises to multi-national corporations, listed companies, private equity, venture capital funds, start-up businesses and government agencies.  We have extensive experience over a great variety of industries including retail, energy and utility, port, transportation, pharmaceutical and healthcare, advertising and public relations, biotechnology, banking, green energy, telecommunication, leisure and tourism, technology and software, infrastructure, agriculture and aviation.

We are dedicated to support our clients to create sustainable economic value through our competencies and industry knowledge.